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Phonique Has A Good Idea

Author: NewZfusion
Thursday, April 19, 2007
So, he's back again...with another album (at least it's not a 'Best Of' already...unlike that other Superstar who's a bit of a Princess).

Anyhoo, Michael Vater is a quality producer who's better known as Phonique, the dude from Germany doing big numbers in the dance music realm. We won't go as far as saying he's 'prolific' just yet (the PR says he is), but he's definitely on the right path to becoming a bit of a cool cat.

Starting out as a DJ helped him understand the directions tunes needed to head. Since those days, the sound's become more about providing a stronger minimal presence than anything else, but it's good minimal (if that means anything). The new album, Good Idea, pushes genres around and ensures there's something for everybody on the disc.

He's also brought some friends in for some collaborations, including Erlend Oye, Richard David, Rodney Hunter, Data MC and more. Notably, he's also dragged in some big names in Steve Bug, Gui Boratto, Zoo Brazil and...well...he could've gone off for a bit of a wander and let these guys write the record instead.

If you get your grubby little hands on the limited version of the album, you'll get a mix CD full of collaborations (again!) and the like. It's quite cool - we know, because we have it.

Good Idea Out in May on Steve Bug's Dessous Records, sister label to Pokerflat.

01. Always Wanted feat. Richard Davis
02. Rio Nights feat. Ruben
03. Casualities feat. Erlend Øye
04. Lowfi Moods
05. Trouble feat. Ian Whitelaw and Meitz
06. Lovely Morning
07. Computer Kidz feat. Shadee
08. Thinking Of You feat. Ruben
09. Roses feat. Data MC and Marc Hype
10. One Love feat. Rodney Hunter
11. Teenage Love feat. Liora
12. Mexican Sunrise
13. Cats' n' cars
14. Worked It Out feat. Ian Whitelaw And Meitz

Limited edition Bonus-CD, mixed by Phonique
01. Deep Idea
02. Space Cruise feat. Gui Borrato
03. House feat. Steve Bug
04. Rameau
05. Bang
06. One Hour
07. Prepared
08. John
09. Badmouth: Anymore (Phonique Remix)
10. Thursday Nights feat. Vincenzo
11. Inside feat. Ilija Rudman
12. Stockholm feat.Zoo Brazil
13. Anders