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Author: TranZfusion
Thursday, August 9, 2007
Some kids in the UK thought it'd be cool to get on Dragon's Den and allow people to perch their beautiful fat bellies upon the desk for even longer. is a music download service. It is similar to other music sites in that you purchase tracks and then download them to your computer. The difference with is that you can also mix any tracks you've bought with other tracks and download them mixed together.

This is made possible by CAMMS (Computer Aided Music Mixing System) - the patented technology powering our system

To use the site you will need: Windows XP, A media player which plays WMA (Windows Media Audio) files, Macromedia Flash, space on your hard drive to store your downloads, and obviously broadband connection. If you don't have broadband connection congratulations on getting this far. You will also need zip software and this comes as standard with Windows XP.

It works like this:

1. Add your tracks to the TRACKLIST. This is the same as a Basket on any other store, but here you can click the logo button that appears between tracks to hear how they mix together.
2. Click CHECKOUT. You'll need to register or be logged in.
3. Download your SINGLES from MY TRACKS - this is where every track you buy from MixAlbum is stored.
4. To create a mix of your TRACKLIST, just click MIX IT!

Yes...they were on Dragon's Den.