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Ministry of Sound #04 set times

Author: GoldFuZion
Friday, March 2, 2007
We might be taking a break between festivals this weekend (apart from Future Music Festival in Perth) bu there is no respite as Ministry of Sound put on one of the best club nights of the year.

Home in Sydney will be the place to be this Saturday as Sharam of Deep Dish fame, alongside Mr. Superchumbo himself Tom Stephan plus a wealth of local talent including John Course & Hook n Sling are sure to make this event memorable.

Main Room
09.00-11.00 - Hook n Sling
11.00-02.00 - Sharam (Deep Dish)
02.00-04.00 - Tom Stephan AKA Superchumbo
04.00-06.00- John Course

Housexy Icon Room
12.00-02.30 - Alan Thompson
02.30-05.00 - The Potbelleez

The Box
12.00-02.30 - Telefunken
02.30-05.00 - Dan de Caires

Sweetchilli Terrace
09.00-11.00 - Robbie Lowe
11.00-01.00 - Crispin
01.00-03.00 - Daniel Crocetti
03.00-05.00 - Zarate