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Klaxons Star Scores Own Goal

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Wednesday, October 3, 2007
Klaxons star James Righton revealed he was once signed to Leicester City football club's youth team, this week, though admitted he'd been dropped before ever playing a match.

"When it comes to how clubs treat young players, football is ruthless," the new rave frontman told NME, "It's far worse than anything I've experienced in the music industry."

His experiences reversed the usual footballer-tries-DJing tradition which was most recently demonstrated by Liverpool's lanky attacker Peter Crouch who performed in July at We Love Space in Ibiza. Bolton Wanderers defender Nicky Hunt also kicked off a weekly Sunday night residency at local hotspot The Bar in Nelson Square in the summer after reportedly learning to mix on the decks of Wanderers' team-mate Ricardo Gardner.

"I have always had an interest in music and would love to pursue a career in DJing when my footballing life comes to an end," Hunt told Bolton News in June, "We have a number of African and Portuguese players in the team and the music in our dressing room often changes. However, I usually change it back to something I like, such as hip hop and R & B," he added.

David Beckham also famously DJed at speed garage night Twice As Nice at the End some years ago, an event DJ magazine labelled 'one of the most cringing celeb DJing attempts ever.'

"Over the last few years, a whole flock of celebrity 'faces' have tried to reinvent themselves as DJs, but all have failed miserably since they simply haven't had the life-long dedication," DJ continued, "Generally however, their 'career' as a celebrity DJ lasts about 12 minutes - the same length of time as one of those plastic toys you get in a cereal box.

The novelty of pointing at 'so-and-so off the telly' behind the decks soon wears off, and people then realise that celebrities tend to make shit DJs," they added.

Ironically, superstar spinner Paul Oakenfold inadvertently introduced Beckham to his celebrity wife Victoria, though chatting to Australian journo Seb Bayne in 2003, modestly downplayed his role.

"What happened was, the manager of the Spice Girls and I went to a Chelsea/ Manchester United match and I got two of the Spice Girls, Posh and Mel C, into the VIP Lounge after the game," said Oakey.

"That was all I did, I didn't introduce her to David," he laughed, "How things get blown out of proportion."