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Government Shuts Down Ibiza Clubs

Author: TranZfusion
Thursday, June 14, 2007
The (international) Summer of Love has been dealt a heavy blow (no pun intended) with news filtering out from the island that DC10, Bora Bora and Amnesia have been ordered to shut their doors, thanks to - cue drum roll - government intervention.

Actually, the drum roll probably sounds more like a triangle.


Apparently, the government had no other choice but to pounce after it was alleged drugs had been circulating through the clubs. Now, we're not the most scientific bunch at TranZfusion, but even the three brain cells we have left between us can lead us to believe that - cue triangle roll - drugs are common amongst revellers in clubs, and we're pretty sure it's longer than the two years the narcs have allegedly stated.

According to reports, DC10 has been closed for two months, while Bora and Amnesia have been banned from having punters in their venues for at least a month.

In other news, British revellers have been walking around with disappointment spread across their white tanned faces.

Everything's back to normal.