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Funktrust Calls Last Drinks

Author: Darryn King
Friday, March 30, 2007
Long-running ruiner of Friday mornings Funktrust is coming to an end. The party people themselves say it best: “After 4 ½ years of ill advised hedonistic stupidity which has dramatically shortened our life expectancy, and 1 ½ years of contractual obligation, Funktrust’s last block rockin’, immune system shockin’ shindig is upon us.” The original players - Learned Hand, Will Styles, Mark Walton, James Taylor, The Hustlers, Adam Bozzetto, The Mild Playa, Pricecuts, The Reverand Dr Grooveshoes, Spook the Lighting Guy, Gabriel and Phats – will man the decks in no orderly fashion. It all happens on Thursday 5 April at Hunter Bar. The next day’s a public holiday, too, so there’s little excuse for leaving before the last beer coaster spins.