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Flash Mob - inthemix Style

Author: News
Thursday, September 27, 2007
The crazy kids over at inthemix have decided to turn back time and get their flash mob on.

According to the popular website, ITM is planning to get a 'FLASH RAVE/SILENT DISCO' together on the Town Hall Steps of Sydney.

At precisely 6.11pm this Friday, revellers are asked to get a killer start to the long weekend by rocking up to the destination armed with their portable players, phones, anything that can make a noise in your earphone.

Apparently, 'it's easy to be a part of ITM history. Just bring your friends, ipod [sic], cameras...get down to [the] Town Hall Steps on the 28th and get to ready to party on.

'When the clock strikes exactly 6.11pm, press play on your ipod [sic] and dance to your own tune.'

If you've not heard of the 'flash mob' phenomenon before, head to the Wiki Page.

ITM organisers are hoping to 'make it a massive silent party, take over the middle of the city and have the biggest ITM meet up ever!'