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Endymion and Ophidian headline Reactor

Author: Darryn King
Friday, June 8, 2007
If you’re a fan of anything with the prefix hard-, then all-night event Reactor: System Critical has you covered. On Saturday 16 June at a to-be-announced venue, Dutch hardcore outfit Endymion and their compatriot Ophidian head a mammoth bill. Local stars include Suae, Matrix, Archie (ACT), Tymon, Weaver, Midian, Toon, Raziel, Fenix, Haze, Spank, The Terrorist, NV (QLD), Tom-E, Sims, Hi-Jinx, Arty (VIC), Refresh, Ill FX, Duckie, Pulsar, Skittlez and more. It’s a 15+ event. Buy tickets online at and For further info, see