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Dj Bonez's Roll Call

Author: TranZfusion
Friday, August 17, 2007
Originally hailing from Sydney, Dj Bonez has been active at the forefront of Oz Hip Hop for over 16 years, possessing an unwavering commitment to the art of both production and turntablism.

Bonez now resides in Melbourne and fresh from the success of his widely heralded album Ninja Art ( 'the most exciting local Hip-Hop album of the year' - Sydney Morning Herald), comes Roll Call.

Roll Call is a melting pot of genres from bouncing funk drums to sombre soul piano, thoughtfully interspersed with Bonez' highly skilled techniques.

Never cluttered with over-indulgent strings or horns, Bonez is from the old school discipline of simplicity for production to resonate and space for MCs to breathe. As all great Hip Hop producers will testify, this principle has been the foundation for thousands of classic tracks - no hiding the mess among over produced sequences.

Bonez has carefully crafted beats for each collaboration, resulting in a unique album that is equally at home on iPods as dance floors.

Bonez, 'the DJ's DJ ,' has already catered to vinyl junkies worldwide with his battle breaks and party break remixes. His extensive resume boasts production credits on the critically acclaimed Hyjak n Torcha album Drastik Measures.

'No.1' is a meticulously chopped-up vocal cut and paste ode that would give Prefuse-73 a run for his money and it' s as fresh as it is complex, while the title track 'Roll Call' is one for the heads - a track displaying highly polished production and featuring the talents of Portland's finest, Sandpeople (Scribble Jam). 'Certified' is an energetic party anthem that sits verses from South Australia's infamous Funkoars atop vigorous Bonez production. Speaque Ezie ( DJ Spinna ) shines on '2 Degrees' , while the legendary Grand Agent (Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Oh No, Lord Finesse) appears on the brazen, electric rock fuelled 'Bum Rap'. UK emcee Lotek drops by on steady head-nodder 'Good Stuff '.

The Aussies featured on 'Roll Call' bring unfailingly inspired performances, with guest verses from scene stalwarts Pegz, Javs, Funkoars, Muph, Low Budget, Rainman and Tommy I'llfigga.

Roll Call is a brilliantly produced album that offers the best from around the globe with a level of diversity, soul and sophistication that shines through every track.