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Deep as Fuck vs Dust Tones

Author: 3D World
Thursday, February 15, 2007
Can’t decide whether you’re feeling in the mood for some party funk, breaks and hip hop, or a spot of electro-tech-minimal raveness- Fulfil both your desires when the Dust Tones crew go head to head with Deep as Fuck at the Abercrombie this Saturday 24 February. The massive DJ line-up includes Percussion Junction (live), the Deep As Funk DJs, Deepchild, Meem, Rephrase, Ritual, Bentley, the Bump DJs, Little Ed, Mashy P, Dazzele 1 (Nubreed), Ms. Brown, Marcotix, Rif Raf, Panos, Kate and Jodee, and should cover pretty much everyone’s tastes.