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Carl Cox - Melbourne Only - 04.05.07

Author: NewZfusion
Monday, March 26, 2007
Dearest Melbourne Kids,

You're in for a bit of a pearler.

That photo just on the right-hand-side of this article suggests someone that is rather happy.

Well, he's giggling for all the right reasons (I'm not quite sure there is a wrong time to giggle, but more on that another time).

Carl Cox is back in town and he's only doing one Australian show. Yes, it's in Melbourne. Yes, it's at Billboard 'The Venue' (we promise we'll find out what that 'The Venue' bit is all about).

Get your bloody arses down there.

Hot off the trail of playing at WMC's Ultra Festival, Cox will be back in town to deliver …

Screw it. You know what he is capable of and we don't need to pad out articles to describe a bloke who has enough profiles and discographies out there for even the most discerning fan to chin stroke about.

More importantly, he's an adopted hometown hero of Melbourne's crazy kids and you know this place, Billboard 'The Venue' (no, we still don't know what 'The Venue' part means), is going to be chocker bonkers.

You should also be aware this is Cox's only Australian show until 2008 (press release says so, no nyah!).