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Caracas Tragedy - Carl Cox Official Statement

Author: News
Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Carl Cox has released a statement emotionally describing the 'mindless act' in which four people were killed and five wounded at a party in Caracas, Venezuela.

According to Cox, who feels 'deeply shocked and still stunned by the events', the tragedy arose from gang related activities, to which the global DJ's 'condolences go out to victims that were caught up in the horrific act that took place'.

"[I] feel so sad that anybody would act in such a manner," Cox stated, adding, "I find it such a sad moment in electronic music, as this was probably one of the best set up shows I had played in South America - a sign of real progress...yet utterly hijacked by this mindless act.

"Again, my heart goes out to those that have died or been injured. This is NOT what the dance scene is about and is a million miles away from what I want to do, or promote."

Footage of the incident, which appeared shortly after the untimely event, has since been removed from video-sharing website, YouTube.