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Big Day Out & Good Vibrations Artists Lupe Fiasco & Snoop Dogg Feature Prominently in 'World of Rap Award' Nominations

Author: NewZfusion
Tuesday, January 30, 2007

'The World of Rap Awards: A Positive World', now entering its fourth year, is being held on Feb. 15 in Las Vegas.Less bling, more black tie gala than your average rap awards ceremony, The World of Rap Awards will serve as a benefit show for several non profit organizations. An array of popular hip hop culture & rap personalities will participate as presenters, special performers, attendees, nominees and award winners.

Historically, rap and hip hop culture has had negative connotations associated with it. However, the main message of this award ceremony is that if rap music sets forth insistently, in a new and enlightening direction, and is presented productively, it will play a major role in enhancing listeners’ lives,  healing mental and physical divisions in community revitalization.

In this way, the ceremony differentiates itself by encouraging rap music artist, record labels and the entire entertainment industry to reflect on, writing and producing positive, productive messages in their music.

Some of this years nominees are: