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BPM Watch

Author: TranZfusion
Friday, June 22, 2007
There's never a better reviewer than one working for the company selling the item. It's advertorial, but to an larger shameless level.

Anyhoo, it's a watch and it counts BPM... we couldn't let the op pass up to actually include their 'review'.

"The BPM watch has quite a few features to it. It displays both time and date, has a mini-torch built in and of course the BPM feature with scrolling messages to get you in the mood for your next mix.

To use the BPM feature press the central D button for a moment to enter BPM mode, then tap the button to the rhythm of the beat. You need to tap at least 5 times for the BPM to show, but you can keep tapping & the watch will average out your last 5 taps to display the BPM.

While in BPM mode the watch scrolls some inspiring DJ phrases on screen. Some of the messages are a little tongue in cheek & you might get a laugh from them - "The roof is on fire!" - "They're workin' up a sweat!"

However, you don't have to be a DJ to make use of this watch because the BPM counter could just as easily be used to monitor your heart rate at the gym.

The BPM counter has a working range of around 24BPM up to 199BPM

The mini-torch is a nice addition, useful in a dark club for finding the right CD or record - or even the power button on your decks if it's very dark!

I tested out the torch in a storage room with the lights out. In the pitch black the mini-torch was easily bright enough to find the light switch, door handle etc & even read labels on some boxes. In medium-low light it's not as effective, but in the dark it works very well.

The watch uses a hybrid LCD & White LED display. The digital LCD is always on, so you don't have to press a button to see the time. Pressing a button illuminates the LED part of the display which acts as a powerful back-light. This type of LED back-light is much more useful than traditional LCD backlights (which can only be seen in complete darkness). There are two batteries inside the watch to ensure that you can use all the features for at least a year.

* BPM calculations are estimates and not recommended for professional use.

* Date & Time
* BPM counter
* Solid Stainless Steel Case
* Mini-torch
* English & Japanese Instructions
* 1 Year Warranty"

We're sold!