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'Greatest Hits' or 'Low Blow' - : Obese Records release Funkoars 2nd album

Author: TranZnews
Sunday, July 16, 2006
Obese Records deliver their latest knockout punch today with the release of Funkoars 2nd album, 'Greatest Hits'.

Is it hard hittin' hip-hop- You Bet Ya!
Yet despite being labelled 'smut-hop' (a tag the Funkoars carry with pride) there's nothing 'below the belt' about their punches. In fact, their form is a classic mix of innovative hip-hop with respect shown to the genres old school culture.

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Keep reading if you want to learn more about the roots of hip-hop culture or scroll down for Funkoars specific news.

As Australian Hip Hop slowly becomes more accessible, groups are becoming more media savvy, toning down their lyrics and over-producing their beats to attain success; but every few years a groundbreaking sound brings it back to the roots.

Now if you're easily offended you've probably never understood Hip Hop and never will because the roots of this culture have often been born and raised in environments where only the strong survive. In the mid 80s Run DMC shocked the scene of sequin-wearing pop rappers with uncut lyrics. In 1988 a group called N.W.A. shocked the whole music industry with ruthless lyrics. In 1993 a group called Wu-Tang won millions of fans with dark tales of urban struggle and in the late 90s Eminem took over with profanity plus rhymes about relationships in everyday life.

Are you getting the picture- These are the most influential Hip Hop artists ever and they all made their impact with unadulterated rhymes which returned to the roots this culture was built upon. With that in mind, let's introduce Funkoars...

Wanna learn more about Funkoars and their new album- Keep reading...

Continuing the success coming from Adelaide's Certified Wise crew is 'The Greatest Hits,' the 2nd full length release from Masters of Underground Hip Hop - Funkoars.

The 'Oars relish in their label as smut-hop and are a name synonymous with immorality and debauchery. Well known for their passionate and outrageous lyrics (if somewhat unconventional), onstage antics and energy, 'The Greatest Hits' captures the reckless spirit that is Funkoars.

This shameless quartet have been working hard since the release of their debut album 'Who's Your Step Daddy' in 2002. In that 4 year hiatus, besides causing a general ruckus, they have been steadily touring around the country spreading the dogma and word of Funkoars.

'The Greatest Hits' is an audacious 15 track release that takes you on a journey that these MCs like to equate to an excessive, indulgent night out that leaves you with a banging hangover the next morning - the effects continue to be felt long after the tracks are over.

AVAIL: 17 JULY 2006

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