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Superstar DJs chase the sun

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Friday, June 9, 2006

Brit in LA club star Paul Oakenfold admitted that he misses baked beans on toast and British chocolate this week, though added California’s climate more than makes up for his homesick food deprivation.

“I never thought that waking up every morning to sunshine would make that much difference to your life but it does,” the Brit exile told One Week To Live, “You feel good, you eat a lot more healthily.”

Oakey’s comments matched those of fellow superstar celeb spinner Erick Morillo who also revealed this week that he recently left New Jersey for Miami with exactly the same motives.

“The initial reason I moved to Miami was an obvious one. Weather, weather, weather,” the Subliminal Records chief told Mixmag, “I can honestly say that when I feel the heat I feel like a new person.”

Morillo went on to compare Miami to New York and Ibiza though appeared wholly unconcerned about the Sunshine States’ unique collection of dangers, which include hurricanes, killer bees, killer crocodiles and the latest increased threat to hit the media - killer cobras.

Leading local newspaper the Orlando Sentinel highlighted the snake threat this week, suggesting ‘Whether you're a newcomer or a native, if you don't have a snake story yet, it's likely you soon will.’

The paper said the upcoming rainy season and continuing over-development means humans are increasingly likely to encounter snakes, including tiny but deadly Coral Snakes, who apparently most frequently bites youngish males particularly those aged ‘between 17 and 27’.

"If we could keep the 14- to 45-year-old 'boys' from picking up snakes, we could drastically reduce snakebites," Lt. Charles Seifert of the Miami-Dade Anti Venon Bank told the Sentinel.

"The snakes are terrified because they can't eat you, but you can eat them. You're the predator,” he explained.