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Satoshi Tomiie's grey day

Sunday, January 15, 2006
Def Mix DJ Satoshi Tomiie chatted to Skrufff this week about his upcoming triple CD 3D compilation for Renaissance and insisted that his carefully crafted silver highlights in his hair are natural rather than cosmetic.

“My hair actually started turning grey when I was a teenager still at High School and at the time I used to dye it all kinds of different colours, mainly brown,” Satoshi confessed. “There was actually a trend at that point for Japanese to dye their hair brown because everybody’s hair is usually so black, but eventually I got tired and bored of dying my hair all the time - it takes about an hour to do it - and one day I thought ‘fuck that’ and decided to leave it alone,” he explained.

Satoshi admitted that since abandoning the bleach he regularly encounters people asking him if he dyes it silver though stressed he’s happy with his new professorial image, despite conceding that image is increasingly relevant for DJing success.

“I accept that image is quite important but I’ve never had the inclination to sit down and analyse the image of myself,” said Satoshi, “I don’t see myself as an icon or anything like that, I just do what I do, which is playing music.”

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