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Sandy Rivera presents 'Renaissance Master Series Volume 8'

Author: Newzfusion
Monday, October 2, 2006
Sandy Rivera is the latest artist to take up the mantle of The Masters Series, arguablys the most respected and famous compilation series on the planet. He follows top flight DJs such as Deep Dish, Dave Seaman, Hernan Cattaneo, Danny Howells & Nick Warren.

Volume 8 is the follow up to Dave Seaman's TOP SELLING Master Series of last year!! Art strongly features Renaissance imagery, a theme reserved solely for the Masters Series·

Sandy's previous compilations have been extremely successful both critically and at retail. This is his first compilation since his successful 'Defected In The House'.

The compilation includes 6 Sandy Rivera / Blackwiz exclusives & also features tracks from Jamie Lewis, Moloko, Alex Kidd, Seamus Haji, Robert Owens, The Drill, Chris Lake, Dj Gregory , Quinton Harris & more.

With such a notable track record and the support of Renaissance, Sandy's compilation seems set to raise the bar still higher in what is already one of the most illustrious series in the industry

So, you've heard the track more than a million times and you still raise your hands in the air and sing along with the rest of the throng of people around you. Shivers go down your spine and inevitably you're taken down memory lane to where you first heard it. And you find that still - after all this time - it never ceases to make you smile. It is a defining moment. And it is seminal track is King's of Tomorrow's aka Sandy Rivera's 'Finally' which makes it that. A Miami Winter Music conference favourite, a Layo & Bushwacka! UK Top 10, Muzik Magazine's Tune of the Year 2002 and a good many's top dance record of all time.

The man behind this record is none other than Sandy Rivera. Defected records' darling and one of house music's favourite producers He released 'Changes' his new debut artist album which boasted 'no samples' (a remarkable achievement within itself considering the nature of dance music production today) and featured tracks that fuse a variety of sounds and tempos with swooping violins and gospel-tinged vocals by LT Brown.

As a New York born Puerto Rican, the influences are obvious. Brought up by early funk like Parliament, a lot of hip hop to smooth, soulful grooves to Eastern infused melodies. This is all evident in his productions. From the haunting 'Dreams' to the addictive vocal groover 'I Can't Stop' the King Of Tomorrow seems to have an uncanny intuition. One that has not ceased to come up with the goods. Lucky for us.

And so from the Bronx of Peurto Rico to the terrace of Pacha, and now gracing our shores again, the man has come a long way

Sandy Rivera presents 'Renaissance Master Series Volume 8' is out 9th of October on Renaissance / Distributed by Stomp