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Obsession - May 12!

Author: events@tranzfusion
Friday, May 5, 2006
If you are in town on Friday 12th May then your attendance is required at Obsession, which is being held at Room680 (Hawthorn) on friday 12th May.

Its a themed Trance night, AQUA with water features and big fuck of shiny things like full colour lasers and 8 plasma screens!!! and awesome likeminded people who love the music for what it is!

A collaboration of wicked DJ's from your favorite parties all under the one roof bashing out the finest in dance music across a variety of genres

Incorporating The Interview DJ's, Nikko, Andrew Campbell, Ben Evans & Jules Plees; The Obsession Crew: Scotty Bateman, Steve Strangis; inProgress Crew: Lister Cooray & Paulie C: The Private Functions, Dean Millson and the preSSure boy Drew K!!

You have heard them all before and you know what to expect!! pure quality!!!!!!

If your calendar is free on the 12th then email me or and i will hook you up with bargain tickets at $15 a piece!!

Hope to see you there!