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Oakey dreams of ditching the decks

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Thursday, December 7, 2006

Paul Oakenfold admitted this week that he’s been making a ‘conscious effort to move away from DJing’ for the last three years and is hoping to become a Hollywood film producer instead.

"I still enjoy DJing, but traveling is getting me down a bit,” the nowadays LA-based British superstar DJ complained in an interview with the Glasgow Daily Record. “I don't enjoy spending every single weekend living in airport. It really does wear you out and stress you out."

London based Oakenfold peer Judge Jules was sympathetic, telling Skrufff, “I think being away from home territory every single weekend would be extremely difficult. On average I'm only away about five to ten nights per month, which is workable.”

“The only way to deal with long haul touring is to have unglamorous two to three hour naps constantly, often during the period when a promoter is offering to take you out to dinner,” Jules added. “I'm always having to turn down the offer of dinner in favour of pre-gig sleep. It worries me that this will be perceived as rude, but the body wouldn't be able to cope otherwise,” he said.

As well as moving into movie production, Oakenfold told the Daily Record he hopes to spend more time with his family, a sentiment shared by DJ Tiesto, who last week admitted he “fantasises about marriage and children’.

In a frank interview published on his own website’s forum, the Dutch superstar spinner chatted about his recent split with his girlfriend of five years, supermodel Monique. He said he’s enjoying being single, though hoping to meet a “beautiful, intelligent woman” in the future.

“But it should be an independent woman. Who doesn't wait on the couch till Tijs (his real name) gets home,” Tiesto added. “Because often that's at six am. Broken and empty. And I only want one thing: sleep.”