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Men act like monkeys as donkeys out-do women

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Friday, April 28, 2006

A new study on infidelity has revealed that men become more jealous of ‘alpha males’ when their girlfriends are at their most fertile, mirroring mating behaviour amongst chimpanzees, the Telegraph reported this week.

Liverpool University biological science expert Rob Burriss said females favour high testosterone square jawed faces when fertile, and big eyed feminine types for long term relationships.

“Men become more wary of masculine-looking men only when the female’s facial preferences begin to shift prior to ovulation,” he suggested, “Face shape and structure are good indicators of dominance.”

Meanwhile in India, feminists launched a protest over school textbooks in Rajastan which compare women to donkeys, though not quite so favourably.

“A donkey is like a housewife,” the book aimed at 14 year olds, explains. “In fact, the donkey is a shade better, for while the housewife may sometimes complain and walk off to her parents’ home you’ll never catch the donkey being disloyal to his master.” (Sunday Times)

In more animal/ battle-of-the-sexes news, religious police in Iran launched a new morality drive against ‘Bad Islamic Behaviour’ this week, cracking down on men with long hair and wearing Western style T shirts and women breaking local dress codes.

"In our campaign, we will confront women showing their bare legs in short pants,” Tehran's police chief, Morteza Tala’I, promised.

"We are also going to combat women wearing skimpy headscarves or without socks, short and form-fitting coats, and the ones walking pets in parks and streets", he added (Iran Press Service).