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Jerusalem pride marchers prepare for murder and mayhem

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Friday, November 3, 2006
Gay rights protesters planning to march in Jerusalem next weekend are making contingency plans for worst-case scenarios including “violent incidents resulting in death”, Israeli website GoGay reported this week.

Their concerns follow virulent threats by fundamental Jewish organisations to mobilise 250,000 counter demonstrators, including gangs of settler youths and even Arabs, some of whom are reported to be planning roadblocks and possible attacks on gays. Three marchers were stabbed by a maniac fundamentalist at last year’s Pride, while this week hundreds of Orthodox Jews threw rocks and police after demonstrating with placards declaring ‘"Jerusalem will not be like Sodom and Gomorrah".

Tel Aviv gay scene DJ/promoter Elyott told Skrufff she’s “scared but definitely marching in Jerusalem on November 11,” explaining “my resolve has actually been fueled by the hatred and threats which gays and lesbians have been facing in the last week in Israel.”

“Posters calling the country to unite against the 'filthy march' have been spotted everywhere, including in Tel Aviv’s suburbs, which shatters the notion that Tel Aviv is a safe haven for gays,” said Ellyot.

“In recent years the marches in Tel Aviv have sparked nothing but curiosity and were packed with young straights, though the Jerusalem march isn't seen as a trendy lively event but as a move against God, as bringing filth into the holy city. The atmosphere is charged,” she added.

Fellow Tel Aviv DJ/party promoter Avihay Partok agreed the upcoming march “sounds scary” and admitted he’s ambiguous about the march and its consequences.

“Somehow this one parade have become a breaking point in the conflict within the Israel population, I have no idea to tell you what I feel is right,” he said.

“Not holding the parade because of threats of violence sounds like going back to medieval days but on the other hand each side is so determined that it feels like real blood is going to shed, so maybe it is the right decision to prevent it.

“Although looking at history only bloody confrontations seem to have really brought changes in some places. It's sad to know you need to literally fight in Israel to get your basic civil rights.”