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Global Underground - 10th Anniversary Release!

Author: Newzfuzion
Wednesday, May 17, 2006

GU10 - Celebrating 10 years of Global Underground, over 4 million albums sold - the worlds #1 credible dance brand.

Over 65 tracks on 3CDs featuring MASSIVE club anthems from the likes of Underworld, Layo & Bushwacka!, Orbital, Ian Brown, Fatboy Slim, Sasha, Deep Dish, Danny Tenaglia, Hybrid, Slam, Cass & Slide, Miss Kitten, Ralphi Rosario, Laurent Garnier and many many more.
"I could feel the passion. I felt a connection with GU. Ultimately they allowed me to be myself." Danny Tenaglia, DJ.

No label encapsulates dance music's international explosion and restless creativity quite like Global Underground. Set up by two Geordie clubbers who literally bounced off the dance-floor and into the record business, this resolutely independent label quickly established an untouchable reputation for cutting edge dance music of the very highest quality, which continues to this day. Ten years later, Global Underground presents GU10: the anniversary album that demonstrates just how deserved that reputation is.

"They were the first people to put the photograph of the DJ on the cover, and really push with huge poster campaigns. They took an underground culture of mix tapes and really made it look real and made the music industry sit up and take notice." Sasha, DJ.

This 3CD set is a collection of tracks that will take you back over the years. The first two CD's feature tracks that appeared on the GU albums over the years while the third CD is dedicated to music from the early 90s period. Slam's shivery 'Eterna' and Andronicus's ravishingly 'Make U Whole' are just two of classics included here. Two forgotten Italian gems are Double FM's sexy, atmospheric 'Sound Of Amnesia' and De Melero's sassy disco romp 'Night Moves'. It's an artfully selected mix of tracks which captures an optimistic, golden age of British and European house - one that heavily influenced both Global Underground and DJs like Sasha.

The other two CDs in this set cherry-pick some of the finest tracks to have appeared on Global Underground albums and at GU parties around the world. There's a decade's worth of great music here. On CD1 Underworld's Two Months Off is a breeze of euphoric melodies. Jark Prongo appeared on Sasha's San Francisco album with the stentorian 'Movin' Thru Your System'. Alex Dolby's 'Psiko Garden' is a pastoral swirl of melodies.

On CD2 'Break My World' from new Global signings Dark Globe is a hard-nosed breakbeat ballad. Lustral's 'Every Time' (Nalin and Kane mix) sets a mesmerising vocal to a quivering pace. KC Flight vs Funky Junction's 'Voices' - here in its Pete Heller mix - is a mesmerising concoction of gospel vocals and twittering acid lines. And the tumbling breakbeats of LoStep's The Roots, with its quavering Middle Eastern vocal, are an evocative reminder of the trip to Melbourne with Dave Seaman.

Global Underground launched in 1996 with a Tony de Vit album based on a visit to Tel Aviv. They haven't looked back since. Over ten years it has expanded from a world-famous series of defining DJ mix CDs into all areas of cutting edge dance music - from artist albums with acts like James Lavelle's UNKLE to providing music for CSI, one of the world's most popular TV shows, and some of PlayStation's biggest selling games, to staging fantastic parties in some of the most exotic locations in the world. Along the way, the label has built a huge loyal, international army of fans and sold over three million CDs.

"Everywhere I play, all around the world, somebody always comes up to me with a GU CD and asks me to sign it." Nick Warren, DJ.

GU has also moved into television and movie soundtracks and