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Bugz In The Attic are 'Back In the Dog House'

Author: cds@tranzfusion
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
They first got you dancing with their FABRICLIVE in 2003, then in 2004 they released their stomper 'Booty La La', with its rude synths and smutty basslines, whilst their 'Got the Bug' retrospective, saw them remix artists as diverse as Macy Gray, Nitin Sawhney and Zero 7. Now the incredible nine-man collective of Bugz in the Attic, deliver their first highly-anticipated original longplayer 'Back in the Dog House'.

The album is everything you've come to expect from the Bugz over the course of their eclectic career; exciting and vibrant, unique yet universal, and dazzling with a brazenness that alternates between the downright dirty and the positively sweet.

Ironically, it was exactly ten years ago that Bugz in the Attic first formed. The group, made up of Orin 'Afronaught' Walters, Paul 'Seiji' Dolby, Kaidi Tatham, Daz-I-Kue, Alex Phountzi, Cliff Scott, were hanging banging in Orins attic Studio in Richmond, England, a group of musical misfits, joined by their shared love of dance music. The collective would go on to pick up the esteemed Mark Force and Matt Lord and establish themselves by stamping remixes on popular tracks - everything from 4Hero's 'Hold it Down', to BB Boogie's 'Tell Him' and Amira's 1997's soul-infused garage cut 'Desire'. Along with way, Bugz would also start up their imprint Bitasweet Records.

With 'Back to the Dog House' the Bugz have created an LP of soul-drenched, gritty house music almost too damn good to be labelled. The perfect primer is first single 'Move Aside', an unbridled funk jam with a frantic b-boy quality that gets better with every spin. Tender vocalist Bembe Segue run the proceedings, also making further appearances on the spontaneous 'I'm Gonna Letcha', 'Once Twice', 'Redhanded' and 'Consequence', a slick throwback to 80's boogie. Other guests who pass through this spirited affair are [b]Reel People's[/b] Vanessa Freeman for 'Inna Row', singer/songwriter Michelle Escoffrey on 'No More', Basement Jaxx renowned singer Vula for 'It Don't Work Like That', original Bugz chick Yolande on 'Happy Days' and Once Twice' as well as long-term collaborator Don Ricardo for 'Worla Hurt' and 'Redhanded' who represent some of the finest collaborators on the underground scene. The album's highlights include the ear popping 'Don't Stop', a revamp of the 1981 [b]Yarbrough & Peoples[/b] original, 'Don't Stop the Music', sung with crazy finesse by Sharlene Hector. A hit of it's time, the Bug boys give it an incredible new lease of life, superbly fitting for 2006.

How a group of nine opinionated (and loud!) producers manage to create a cohesive sonic whole without it ending in violent scuffles is baffling, yet somehow each Bug has carved reputations in their own right, bringing something to the 'Dog House' that collectively works a treat. Alex loves jungle, whilst Orin comes from a house background and Kaida was enamoured with jazz, funk and soul. As a group, the Bugz extract all the best bits from each of their backgrounds to produce an album that works best as a whole, but is filled with enough hooky singles to make it a fine fit for the clubs, radio and beyond.

In the lead up to their album release, the Bugz are concerned with translating all their musical goodness into a monster stage show that has already thrust Kaidi and Daz into the forefront of the performance to triple-encore-effect. 'Back In The Dog House' is the album that proves the Bugz have finally arrived. And not before time.

Release Date: 26th August 2006
Label/Distributor: Shock / V2