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Wasted Youth Rises From Golf Sale's Ashes

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, January 22, 2005
Former Golf Sale promoter Dan Milic chatted to Skrufff this week about his new Sunday night weekly Wasted Youth and revealed he has no regrets about closing his massively trendy club Golf Sale last Christmas.

""Richard wanted to do something else, he didn't want to do Sunday nights anymore, but I still like going out on Sundays so I decided to take over the venue," said Dan.

"I'm delighted with Wasted Youth so far, it's been busy but not road-blocked, with the kind of crowd we used to get when Golf Sale first started."

The duo decided to finish Golf Sale just before the Standard called the club the "hottest ticket du jour', and soon after the Sunday Times labelled it the club of choice for celebrities including Alexander McQueen and Jake Arnot and "the cool new electroqueer (tranny fag/ twisted weirdo) crowd.'

"I was laughing my head off when I read that Sunday Times article," said Dan. "It's bollocks. We don't get that many fancy people down there, OK McQueen was down a few times but he only came down because Richard used to go out with his best mate Guido, who's a hairdresser."

"You get the occasional celebrity but it's not a celebrity place, the crowd is really just whoever turns up and our mates," he continued. "We flyer occasionally, but we hardly did any press last year, it's word of mouth. Advertising is pointless, the best advertising is no advertising at all."

The club's new name was also inspired by the club's very particular clientele, Dan explained.

"A friend of mine showed me a 7" record called Wasted Youth and I immediately thought it was a genius name for the club because most of our clients are over 30 and it's Sunday night so most of them are absolutely out of their minds from the weekend," he laughed.

The club's music policy is remaining broadly in line with Golf Sale's though with less celebrity spinners," Dan concluded.

"There's absolutely no music policy at all but we're deliberately not getting any big names DJs in, unless we really like their music. We want our DJs to be quite different. I also like cheesy music personally when I'm quite pissed, so I'm sure they'll still be a few cheesy DJs as well," he said.

Golf Sale is Sundays at the Hoxton Bar & Grill, Hoxton Square, £3: this Sunday they launch rock & roll karaoke in the second room.