TF Archives Offer Free Online Shops

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, May 28, 2005
British independent download portal and Skrufff collaborator site unveiled details of a new service offering free digital music stores for websites this week, and announced that they've already teamed up with media titles including British magazine Mixmag.

'We want to bring the thousands of small record labels to the party and hook them up to our system and provide them with their own customised MP3 stores free of charge," Trackitdown's Ed Real told Skrufff. "We want to create a global network of stores fronts so that customers no longer have to deal with lots of small individual stores, whereas for the labels we're providing direct access to customers all over the world. Our new system means that anyone with a website can retail part or all of our catalogue."

Ed said the scheme is particularly angled towards international sites reflecting the global nature of their existing audiences.

'In the short time that Trackitdown has been trading, our customer base has extended to dance fans from 160 countries - most of whom will never have seen vinyl copies of most limited releases from small labels and when they do arrive on the shelf they're too expensive anyway," he pointed out.

"The financial investment in providing a fully functional MP3 store is also one that small record labels can't afford yet they are the ones who have most to gain from the exposure that it would bring," Ed added. "It's also very simple to set up. Interested parties should contact me at and I'll send them the details immediately."