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Tony Blair's Metrosexual Makeover

Author: Jonty Skruffff
Saturday, April 30, 2005
Tony Blair repeatedly denied accusations that he uses cosmetic skin care products this week in a robust interview with BBC TV interviewer Jeremy Paxton.

However, the notoriously sophistic Prime Minister's latest tall tale contradicted comments published in a book by former colleague turned archrival George Galloway, which the Standard highlighted the following day.

"I sit just 10 yards from him (Blair) in the House (parliament) with a perfect view of his increasingly made-up face," The Respect anti-war leader recalled in his memoir "I'm Not The Only One'.

"Somewhere in the attic in Downing Street, I'm sure there is a portrait like Dorian Gray's and eventually all the rouge and foundation in the world will not stop him looking just like it."

While Blair adopted his usual tactic of denial, Conservative Party chairman Liam Fox proudly flaunted his own metrosexual tendencies this week, admitting that he not only regards cult classic Bladerunner as his all time favourite film, but also retains an active interest in his New Romantic past.

"The Scissor Sisters made the best album of the year, and David Bowie is my favourite singer, I would say that my favourite album of all time is Bowie's Station to Station," Mr Fox told the Guardian, ""And I think Ultravox and Visage are great."