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The Prodigy are set to release 'Their Law' Singles

Author: Newzbot
Tuesday, December 6, 2005
The Prodigy are set to release 'Their Law - The Singles 1990 - 2005' on Tuesday, February 28th, 2006 (XL Recordings US).

"What the Prodigy have done, quite simply, is drag techno out of the communal nirvana of the race and turn it into outlandish punk theater, and they've done it brilliantly." - Rolling Stone

This deluxe double-disc set includes a colorful 50 page booklet and the numerous singles that changed the face of British music. Recently landing the #1 Spot on the UK album charts, 'Their Law' features all The Prodigy's Top 20 singles, plus new, previously unreleased tracks - Razor, Back 2 Skool, Voodoo Beats and a remix of Under my Wheels.

That same day, XL will be releasing a spectacular DVD set of the same name, highlighting the controversial Smack My Bitch Up video, the groundbreaking clip for Firestarter and footage from various Prodigy live performances. Look forward to jaw-dropping scenes from Brixton Academy (1997), Red Square in Russia (1997), and Glastonbury (1995).

The complete track listing is provided below.

"When Prodigy's deep bass groove hit the crowd, the audience were off. Feet were moving in time and arms were swaying with rhythm. Dance rock was cool again."- Time Magazine

Since their formation in 1990 The Prodigy have released four albums, numerous singles with over a dozen consecutive singles in the Top 20, been number 1 in 27 countries simultaneously with their incomparable 'Fat Of The Land' masterpiece, toured the world with their incendiary live show, made groundbreaking videos, shaken things up musically and socially and been unafraid to court controversy. And they've always done it in their own formidable way - as highlighted on 'Their Law'.

"By weaving together the politics of punk, the celebration of hip-hop, the informality of ska and the futuristic pulse of dance music, this band aims like the Clash - to deliver a sense of self-affirmation and generational identity." - LA Times

The Prodigy crossed over to shock the mainstream with an incendiary live experience that approximated the original atmosphere of the British rave scene even while leaning close to arena-rock showmanship and punk theatrics. It was musician / producer Liam Howlett whose studio wizardry launched the Prodigy to the top of the charts, spinning a web of hard-hitting breakbeat techno with king-sized hooks and unmissable samples. Despite electronic music's diversity and quick progression during the 1990s, Liam modified the Prodigy's sound sparingly; swapping the rave-whistle effects and ragga samples for metal chords and chanted vocals, which proved the only major difference in the band's evolution from their debut to their worldwide breakthrough with their third album 'The Fat of the Land'.

"While electronica is traditionally faceless and studio-driven, Prodigy ooze rock-star personality, from their cyberpunk hairdos to their Kraftwerk-meets-NIN stage moves." - Spin

'Their Law' will be available in standard deluxe (CD1 and CD2) formats. The Prodigy will be playing live in the US. Dates are forthcoming, and include a rare performance at next year's WMC held in Miami in March. The tracklisting is as follows:

'Their Law: THE SINGLES 1990-2005'

1. Firestarter (Original Mix)
2. Their Law (05 Edit)
3. Breathe (Original Mix)
4. Out Of Space (Original Mix)
5. Smack My Bitch Up (Original Mix)
6. Poison (95 EQ)
7. Girls (Original Mix)
8. Voodoo People (05 Edit)
9. Charly (Alley Cat Remix)
10. No Good (Start The Dance) (Original Mix)
11. Spitfire (05 Version)
12. Jericho (Original Mix)
13. Everybody In The Place (Fairground Remix)
14. One Love (Original 12" Mix)
15. Hot Ride (Original Mix)

1. Razor
2. Back 2 School
3. Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
4. Under My Wheels (Remix)
5. No Man Army
6. Molotov Bitch
7. Voodoo