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Sweetchilli Presents: Desyn Masiello (NSW)

Author: Sweetchilli
Friday, February 4, 2005
Bedrock Original Series Album Tour

With a style consistently pushing at the forefront of modern music, Desyn Masiello (Alternative Route, Sexonwax, The Idiots) now finds himself at the helm of Bedrocks OS_01 mix series.

Drawing heavily on the more obscure, underground sounds of Germany, France as well as the US, UK and Far East, it's clear to see why Desyn Masiello is one of the most technically gifted and party orientated DJ's around, often re-editing and tweaking tracks within the set to bring tracks from outside the usual dance gamet under his musical umbrella.

Desyn himself says, "I listen and take inspiration from almost any type of music. Many tracks I find may not be instantly playable to the new generation of dance music fans, so I use technology such as pro tools and ableton live to re-edit tracks or update the beats so they will then fit into my vision of how the music should sound on the dance floor".

With this attention to detail and drive to create something totally new for the dance floor it's no wonder Desyn has found himself with such a hectic schedule. Desyn can be heard regularly playing gigs for Cream, Gatecrasher, Renaissance, headlining at the famous Glastonbury Festival and at one stage playing 80 gigs in just 100 days in support of his first mix CD, "In House we Trust" for Yoshitoshi.

Also the founder and A&R manager for both Alternative Route Recordings & Sexonwax - Desyn was responsible for first signing the now revered single "Ride" by Chable & Bonnici. His Sexonwax label is a firm favorite with Danny Howells while his productions both solo and as one part of The Idiots, are pointing the way to an exhilarating future!

This is Desyn Masiello's first trip to Australia, So dont miss Desyn Masiello's ONLY Australian performance at Sweetchilli.

February 19th


Susie Q's
169 Oxford St.

• Desyn Masiello
• Robbie Lowe
• Ben Korbel
• Crispin

$25 (+BF)