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Supermodel Plans Superstar DJ Career

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, May 16, 2005
Top British model Kate Moss is planning to DJ at this year's Homelands Festival and is a "keen DJ' the News Of The World suggested this week.

The infamous party girl has supposedly been lined up to spin in the festival's giant VIP area, spinning discs alongside her new beau Pete Doherty.

"It would cost a fortune to book Kate as a DJ for the night so organisers are pretty excited about it," a "source' told the paper's star gossip columnist. "It will be the highlight of the weekend, that's for sure."

Moss will presumably be hoping she outperforms Danish supermodel Helena
Christensen, whose attempt to launch herself as a professional DJ in 2003 has yet to set the world alight.

"She has a whole range of styles: her sets range from mellow ones including
U2 and Massive Attack, to pumping high energy dance sessions," Christensen's manager Gavin Mayall told the Daily Telegraph in 2003. "She is nothing if not multi-talented."

Moss could also find herself competing with Paris Hilton who picked up the Celebrity DJ awards at the Dancestars in Miami and sniffed "I don't actually spin at clubs; I do house parties'. More recently the porn starlet/ heiress has been collaborating with feminist trio Le Tigre as well as monetising her partying prowess, boasting this week that she earns between £150,000 and £200,000 for 20 minute personal appearances at events.

"If it's in Japan, I get more," she told the Observer.