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Stewart & Melville 'You Are Real' Album Announcement

Author: TranZfusion
Tuesday, May 10, 2005

After releasing the highly applauded 'Scenes' EP late last year, Stewart & Melville return with their debut album, 'You Are Real'.

'You Are Real' is a thing of spectral beauty, a true sonic adventure that never forgets the power of song. As the first symphonic strands unfurl, Stewart & Melville's blueprint for wraparound pop perfection will become brilliantly clear.

The journey to 'You Are Real' has been one of global proportions and grand coincidence. Stewart hails from the south of New Zealand, Melville the north. Separate pilgrimages to London found them eventually converge in random fashion at seedy gigs and acid raves. When the party ended, both ended up in Sydney, and true to form met again, at a party. After creating the 'Scenes' EP and signing to Vicious, they decided to get to work on a full length album...and what magical work it is.

What has been said about the album so far:

"It's beautiful and I can't stop listening to it" Buzz Magazine

"The first groundbreaking local album of the year. Really." DNA

"Breezy, intelligent music... should be the release that gets the world's musical media to bring their biggest Textas out and put Stewart & Melville well and truly on the map " Remix Magazine

"Charming melody and confident, classy pop songs quite unlike anything else to come out of Australia" Manifest! o Magazine

What was said about Stewart & Melville's debut 'Scenes' EP :

"A startlingly beautiful work" - Scene

"Stunning slow release melodies" - Rolling Stone

"Glistening pop confection" - Rave

"What I imagine The Fabs would have sounded like if John and Paul had got their hands on a vocoder, kinda like 21st Century psychedelia" - Lucky