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SOMA RASA feat. Digital Underground

Author: TranZfusion
Tuesday, May 31, 2005
'say what you say' single
Released 6th June 2005 Freefall / MRA

With a deeply refined production aesthetic and constantly evolving stylistic approach, the new single, once again proves that Soma Rasa are Australian 'Electro Phonography' at its finest.

Formed in 1997 by brothers Bill and Dan Hazard, the Soma Rasa duo work at the nexus of breakbeat and electro. Not interested in rehashing and regurgitating the sonic murmurings of their contemporaries here and abroad, Soma Rasa have etched out a unique niche that's decisively centred on the dance floor, but free from the cliche that devalues so much contemporary electronica.

Catapulted into the spotlight shortly after forming thanks to a support slot alongside Fatboy Slim, Soma Rasa's live reputation quickly put them on the radar with numerous high profile slots to follow including supports for drum'n'bass mastermind Roni Size, The Chemical Brothers, Carl Cox and national tour support for Moby.

From their time in the studio, first came a limited edition single 'Future Of Der Funk', followed by an album titled 'I Mix Therefore I am in 2000 which drew instant critical acclaim from across Australia and was subsequently released on vinyl to make giant waves in Japan. In 2004 with a refined live persona derived from endless touring, the guys called on a range of Australian vocalists including Miss Brown, Kina and emcee DNO to contribute to their 'On the Run' EP which saw the lead track 'something wicked' echo from radio's all over the country.

Taking this new vocal approach a step further in 2005, Soma Rasa's latest undertaking sees them team up with the legendary US hip-hoppers Digital Underground, who were only too willing to work alongside the duo after hearing the results from the 'On The Run' sessions. The upshot of their recent
collaboration 'Say What You Say', is a humming electro masterpiece which features the vocal talents of Digital Underground members Shock G, Money B, Metaphysical, Humpty Hump and scratches from DJ NuStylez. It's a true meeting of the minds, DU and Soma Rasa collaborating to devise a pulsing dancefloor anthem that displays the full potential of Soma Rasa's now fully realised production approach.

'say what you say' by Soma Rasa featuring Digital Underground
is released 6th June by Freefall/MRA.