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Roger Sanchez: God Just Might Be A DJ

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, June 4, 2005
The world's most down to earth dance star Roger Sanchez kicked off promo for his upcoming mix CD Release Yourself 4 this week with a typically unpretentious press release outlining his latest lesson on life.

"People were dancing; their hands were raised to the sky, different colours and different races all united by the rhythm. The dance-floor was our temple. This was our congregation," the US superstar sighed, "That's when I realised, only the music can save our souls."

Roger's religiously themed musings surfaced last year when he thanked God for helping him compile Release Yourself Volume 2 (on the double CD's sleeve-notes) and also emerged in an interview with Benedetta Skrufff several years previously when the conversation turned to joss sticks.

"I love the sense of peace and calmness that candles and incense bring to my vibe, they help me to bring out my spirituality and get back in touch with myself, and my emotions," he explained. "Candles are great because their light creates a mood. I prefer rooms that are dark, very emotive, and very sensual. Smell is very important to me, too, I hate cigarette smoke," he added.

In more Sandwich news, the Ali G look-a-like will be appearing in person at London's Turnmills this Saturday night to spin a marathon 10 hour set (2 more than he played the same week last year). Support DJs include Trailer Trash's Mikki Most, Sneaker and Geddes.

Release Yourself 4 is out on Stealth Records on June 6