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Rave Revolutionary Retires

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Acid house founder Danny Rampling has confirmed speculation that he's giving up DJing, telling Skrufff this week "Yes it's true, I'm playing my last gig on New Year's Eve 2005 and I plan to open a London restaurant."

The Shroom legend also issued a press release outlining his new culinary career, which he said had been directly inspired by his globetrotting DJ lifestyle.

"Over the years of playing around the world, I have been fortunate in developing a taste for fine wines and modern eclectic cuisine. Many of my friends are chefs and wine importers and the passion and enthusiasm I have for this has made me take the decision to bow out at the top and open a restaurant in central London next year," said Danny.

"It's very exciting in getting closer to the realisation of another dream of being a restaurateur as now is the right time to turn and face the change, and I do so with a combination of fear and excitement as this project takes shape," he admitted.

His new London restaurant will be providing "modern European cuisine with Southern Mediterranean influences' in a "fun rather than a stuffy silent environment', Danny continued, offering "stylish food of the highest standard'.

"It will be a large chilled space with 80+ covers and I am fortunate that my business partner has 17 years experience in Michelin Star restaurants," he added.

Danny described the decision to retire as "one of the most difficult decisions of my life' though stressed he remains upbeat about his experiences and the legacy acid house has left behind.

"The passion and the energy I projected in developing the UK house scene in its infancy was contagious, it spread like wildfire and regardless of what the cynics may have said, it truly was a rebellious force that made a positive statement for change in British youth culture; especially, during the golden years of 88/89 in the second summer of love," he concluded. "And the 18 years I've spent on the DJ circuit has been such a brilliant experience. It feels as if I have been on one long holiday, partying and traveling across the globe."

Danny will be releasing a farewell triple CD on Defected Records shortly featuring two discs of his all time favourite club tracks and a third "eclectic Balearic' compilation. Before that he's playing numerous gigs including Tribal Gathering at Luton Hoo on July 16.