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Princess Superstar's Space Age Continuum

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, May 28, 2005
New York hip hop electro queen Princess Superstar chatted to Skrufff about her upcoming artist album this week and revealed that she's ditching the 80s influences in favour of futuristic disco punk.

"I am really over the 80's "hits' but I still like new wave action like Tom Tom Club, Liquid Liquid, the Clash and stuff like that. And of course early hip hop," said the Princess. "My new album comes out second week of September and it's a futuristic sci-punk disco concept album- it\s called My Machine," she revealed.

The 25 track record includes contributions from Armand Van Helden, Jacques Lu Cont and Arthur Baker and is themed around time travel, cloning and a fame crazed Superstar who takes over celebrity land with 10,000 clones of herself before dying at the end to bring utopia on earth. The record includes her new single Coochie Coo which comes out next week on K7 with a remix by London stars Whitey.

"I love the remix Nathan did for me, and it's being played out a lot, which is cool," the Princess added. "Whitey are a perfect mix of rock/dance because they rock more like T Rex or something, plus it's amazing in the club. Some bands try to mix rock and dance and it comes out really affected and annoying."