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Pacha Launches First North American Venue in NYC

Author: events@tranzfusion
Thursday, December 22, 2005
If any clubbing community needed a good news story it's New York's. The enforcement of anti-rave legislation and draconian laws has turned 'The City that Never Sleeps' to 'The City that There's Nothing Left to Do But Sleep!'

So Erick Morillo's (Subliminal supremo) decision to join forces with world-renowned dance music and lifestyle brand Pacha to launch their first North American branch of the club was just what the Doctor (if not the Mayor) ordered!

Well, after much hype and an all-encxompassing P.R. and marketing strategy New York played host to one of the biggest club openings in a long time on Wednesday 7th of December.

Pete Tong, Louie Vega, and Todd Terry played to a packed club of VIPs and celebrities that included Sopranos star Robert Iler (the 20 year old star plastered all over the newspapers the next day, having trouble deciding how he could fit both a cigar and a bottle of alcohol into his mouth and the same time...remembering that the legal drinking age in the U.S. is 21)

Despite close attention by police during the clubs early days, all reports that so far Pacha New york has proved a huge success.

For those wanting a bit more info on the Pacha and Pacha New york in particular, we present the Tranzfusion Pacha Particulars:

Morillo's association with the franchise goes way back, having played at Pacha's flagship club in Ibiza for 13 years

Pacha NY boasts New York's only Alpha Dynacord sound system imported from Germany.

It took eight months and more than $3 million to construct.

The 30,000-square-foot venue is situated on the same site as the prestigious Sound Factory & Twilo and is a multilevel (4) space (including a private VIP floor) with a visual mix of Ibizan and New York style with plans for a roof terrace in 2006. Venue capacity is 2665

Ricardo Urgell founded the club in the seaside town of Sitges 36 years ago. Pacha has since evolved to encompass a hotel, restaurants, a record label, radio station, magazine, merchandising and more than 20 franchises worldwide from Barcelona to Buenos Aires and Majorca to Marrakech.

The name 'pacha' comes from Spanish folklore and loosely translates to "live like a king."