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Pacha Gets Ready To Rock

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, May 28, 2005
Pacha confirmed this week that Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee will be performing alongside Erick Morillo again at the Ibiza superclub on July 6, while Kelis sings 2 days later at Pete Tong's Friday session.

"We're hoping that having Tommy and Kelis as well as Puffy last year will help us spread the word about Pacha internationally so we can attract more exciting guests in the future," Pacha's brand chief Danny Whittle told Skrufff. "We're keen to continue evolving the whole perception of Pacha."

Despite Tommy Lee's reputation as one of rock culture's most infamously debauched playboys (last year he mooned at the Pacha clubbers while performing), Danny insisted he's a "perfect gentleman' ("I think he understands there's a time and a place') pointing out that the club gets more hassle from regular VIPs.

"The worst situation we usually have to control is people who know nothing about the scene thinking they can just jump into the DJ booth and strike up a conversation with the DJ telling him what to play," said Danny. "To me that's like a fan at a Formula 1 race kicking Schumacher out his Ferrari saying "let me drive'. Other than that, the main problem we get is people demanding VIP tables when we haven't got any left. Saying "don't you know who I am-' doesn't exactly help either," he laughed.

Both Tommy and Kelis will be staying at the Pacha Hotel during their stay, where Tommy is unlikely to be indulging in threesomes, at least according to his recent autobiography Tommyland.

"I have been with two chicks many, many times and it isn't all it's cracked up to be," the Motley Crue drummer admitted in the book. "The thing to do is have foursomes," he advised. "Three chicks and just you . . . If you have three chicks as into one another as they are into you, you can have one and watch the other two go at it, which adds to the overall horniness."