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New York's Sound Factory Re-Re-Opens

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, March 5, 2005
Nightlife entrepreneur Eddie Dean has signed a lease to start operating infamous New York night spot Sound Factory this spring, just over a year after cops shut it down under America's notorious crack house laws.

"We have nothing to do with anything remotely connected with what went on there. We take those things very seriously and we take every precaution that's necessary," Dean told the New York Daily News this week.

"If everything breaks right, we're hoping for a May/June opening. We feel the timing is great right now for a new large club," he added.

Last March, New York District Attorney hosted a triumphant press conference after he indicted the previous owner and two senior executives on serious drugs charges, declaring "club owners and managers who allow their premises to become dangerous drug markets are no different from those who run crack houses." (Village Voice)

This is a big issue for us," undercover cop Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly added, "The whole club scene is generally one we want to encourage in the city, but they have to be run legally."

The club initially closed for a month in February 2003 after undercover cops reportedly posed as clubbers and bought various drugs, prompting the club's website to issue a stark warning at the time to revellers to be careful about their "friends'.

"You may think you buy, sell or use drugs together with impunity, you may dance this night away feeling safe in each other's company," the site said. "But think again, your friend may be an undercover policeman."