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Music Manipulates Both Hooligans and Warmongers

Author: Skrufff
Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Local councils and private companies across England have started dispersing youth gangs by piping classical music to the locations where the delinquent teens hang out, the BBC reported this week.

"It has completely eliminated the problem, the young people seem to loathe it," said Tom Yeoman from Tyne and Wear Metro public transport system. "It's pretty uncool to be seen hanging around somewhere when Mozart is playing."

Meanwhile in Manchester, electro-eclectic Silicon Hustler producer/ club promoter/ Garry Ladd announced he's planning to manipulate military officials working at the Pentagon, in Washington, this May, by blasting them with his new music recorded in 5.1 surround system. Garry revealed he's planning a pied piper style sonic attack on the US military headquarters on May 5, which he expects will shake the war-mongering institution to its core.

"Using our radical electronic dance sound as a carrier the subliminal message will sonically penetrate the minds of defence staff with the phrase "come out with your hands in the air, you are surrounded," he explained. "We expect to get arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay."