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Mnemonic Ascent - The Books Full - released on Crookneck/Stomp

Author: Global Recordings
Saturday, April 9, 2005
Mnemonic Ascent

"The Book's Full"

released on Crookneck Records/Stomp

Delivering the long-awaited follow up to their first LP "The Outside Inn", Mnemonic Ascent (pronounced ne-monic ascent) have returned with a soundscape of new songs guaranteed to satisfy the hungriest hip hop listener. Devoid of gimmicks and superfluous production, the Mnemonic formula is simple: bass heavy, warm, sample-based production combined with honest, mature and charismatic lyricism that ranges topically from introspective to braggadocio. BVA and Raph's magnetic songwriting is matched perfectly with Ransom's astute sense of production and turntablism, which is a highlight throughout. The album features production from Jolz, Ransom and Adelaide's production duo F&D, as well as guests Spikey Tee (UK -vocalist for Jah Wobble and Bomb the Bass) and Muphin (Obese Records).

"The Book's Full" is a lyrically diverse, full bodied release from start to finish; starting with BVA's solo "In Here" which represents the group's belief in the traditional roots of hip hop. The Mnemonic vision is embodied within BVA's sentiments; "nowadays they rock the house with a keyboard and a mouse, my crew keeps it hype with turntables and a mic". From the feel good choruses of "Hold Back", to the gritty attack of "Freezer", to the love song "Let you down", Mnemonic Ascent continue to prove themselves as all-rounders - equally capable of rocking the party, making you think, smile or nod your head.

Comprising of members Raph, BVA and Ransom, Mnemonic Ascent formed in 1999 with the intention to make music that differs from the norm. Consistently original and fiercely passionate, Mnemonic Ascent have continued to deliver records that make you think, smile, dance and nod your head.

Firm believers of the vinyl movement, Mnemonic's releases have had an emphasis on the traditional art form of hip hop and the importance of the DJ. With one of Australia's most seasoned DJ's at the helm of the group as producer and turntablist, Mnemonic Ascent's sound is both refreshing and distinct.

Fresh off collaborative efforts on releases such as Koolism's "Part 3" (Winner of an ARIA for 2004 Best Urban Release) and Muph+Plutonic's "Hunger Pains" (Obese), Mnemonic Ascent are set to release their second album "The Book's Full" through Crookneck Records.

"The Book's Full" is a refreshing, soulful release and a gentle reminder that integrity and originality in music is very much still something to believe in.

"The Book's Full" out 18 April through Crookneck Records/Stomp.

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