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Mixmag Man Dismisses M8 Sale Rumours

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, April 30, 2005

Mixmag Features Editor Gavin Herlily told Skrufff this week that persistent industry rumours claiming Scottish dance magazine M8 has bought Mixmag are wrong, though conceded that the story was not entirely without substance.

"Rumours of M8 buying Mixmag have been flying around for quite some time now; to clear things up: M8 did put an offer in but it was politely refused," Gavin explained. "Offers are made for magazines all the time and it's common practice for media companies like EMAP to at least listen to them."

"It's not the first time we've had problems with M8 related rumours, false rumours that Mixmag is outsold by M8 were also doing the rounds a few months back," he continued. "In fact Mixmag is still the market leader in the dance music magazine market by quite some way. We are audited by the ABC and M8 are not. If M8 outsold us then surely they would prefer to tell the world by allowing ABC to audit their circulation- That's obviously not the case," he claimed.

"Mixmag is not about to be shut down or sold'," he concluded.

"In my mind, Mixmag is the best it's been since I started working here and I've been here for nearly five years now, he added. "A year ago we had a change of editor and ever since we've been able to steer the magazine away from the gratuitous tits and pills coverage that drew so much criticism."