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Milkbar Stars

Tuesday, November 8, 2005
Obese Records is pleased to announce the birth of a new Obese Crew - Milkbar Stars. This new super crew is made up of 3 legendary acts, Pegz, Muph & Plutonic and DJ Selekt. These 3 well-known names are joining forces to create mind-blowing music and performances not to be missed.

Muph & Plutonic are best known for their recent killer album "Hunger Pains," producing the hit track "Heaps Good." One year later, this track can still be heard on med-high rotation on Triple J and community stations. They have spent the last year touring extensively and honing their live skills, continually playing to sold out crowds. Plutonic is also renowned for his amazing production skills on various albums, including the soon to be released solo instrumental LP "Codes Over Colours."

Pegz is widely known as the CEO of Obese Records and his input into the oz hip hop community has provided many opportunities to aspiring MCs and producers. His business achievements are outstanding but he has always stayed true to his number 1 passion - making music. His recently released sophomore album "Axis," has been receiving rave reviews from the press and street scene and the funked up track "Back Then" has been added to charts and playlists nationally and received extensive exposure on Rage and Channel V.

DJ Selekt is part of the current 4 time Australian Team DMC champions, the "Dirty Duo" (with DJ J Red). In 2002 after coming 1st at a variety of comps for a number of years, Selekt retired from solo comps to focus on competing in the Team DJ battle circuit (placing 4th at the 2003 World DMC team finals, 4th at the 2004 World DMC and 3rd at the 2005 World ITF). Selekt has supported numerous international acts and his list of achievements and awards is testament to his title as Australia's premier beats/hip-hop DJ.

The 'Milkbar Stars' will be touring Nationally from November as part of Pegz' "Axis" Album Launch.

Don't miss your chance to catch their debut performance.