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Meccanoid presents Casino Royale @ Honkytonks (Queens B'day eve)

Author: honkytonks
Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Join our 'full house' and get ready to Jack, coz Meccanoid's going to give you a straight flush at our Casino Royale party! Your Electric Aces - Bleepin' J Squawkins- straight from Synth City, will give you jack-pot hot live electro love, joined by the King andQueen of Clubs, Quirk and Glitch, and Not "Snake-eyes" Jan and "Two -Up" Toupee. In the Hundred Up Lounge, DJs Portal, Hysteric and Dicko will deal out a prize winning pastiche of minimal, eclectro, punk funk and more..So roll the dice, and dress with vice at our Casino Royale Disco. Queen's Birthday Long Weekend, Sunday June 12th, Honkytonks, $10 on the door.