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London's After-hours Twist Returns With a Twist (Sunday 29)

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, May 28, 2005
Vauxhall's leading after-hours club Twist re-opens at its new home of Factory this Sunday morning with the same tough door policy though a greater emphasis on electro house, Twist promoter Steve Darragh told Skrufff this week.

"The electro house room is much bigger than Fire (although very different) and the club is a huge improvement being on two levels with a nice balcony level which also includes seating, two bars and lots of chill out areas," said Steve. "But yes, our door policy is remaining very strict," he confirmed, "We insist on open-minded people with the right attitude, it's probably the hardest club in London to get into," said Steve.

"Twist is not targeted at any sector but most importantly certainly not the gay clubber," he stressed, "it's all about the music and special atmosphere we create.
"The reason we've built the crowd we have is because I insist all prejudices are left at the door. This appeals to a wide cross section of people and we generally find the male/female split is equal. However what they do in bed when they leave is anybody's guess."

DJs on the opening night include Tommy Four Seven, Lizzie Curious and Rachel Auburn (spinning hard dance in the main room): Factory, 65 Goding St, Vauxhall, next to Crash; from 5am Sunday May 29 til late)