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London Calling Miami, The Music Industry & Clubbers (June 10/11)

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, May 9, 2005
Dave Conway, the publicist behind London's upcoming Music Conference London Calling chatted to Skrufff this week and revealed that they're approaching the Earls Court Conference with modest expectations.

"It's the very first event, and our main goal is to get if off the ground rather than running around over-hyping it," said Dave. "We're hoping to attract 4,000 consumers over the two days and 500 industry delegates, we want to be realistic, it's the first such event. If we can achieve those numbers we feel that everybody coming along will be able to get something of value from the event."

The two day exhibition includes record label stands, DJ demonstrations, panels and performances with a strong emphasis on connecting the music industry with customers, said Dave.

"It's a two tiered event that's part conference, part exhibition and part showcase, targeted at anyone that wants to get involved in terms of DJing, production or journalism, running record labels, accountancy and legal stuff too, we're also in a way trying to provide careers advice. When I was at school if I'd said I wanted a job in the music industry I'd have been given a clip round the ear and told to shut up and get real. We're trying to target 15-18 year olds looking to get their foot in the door and to come and hear some anecdotes from people in the business."

Master-classes from DJs and industry big-wigs include sessions on "How to set up your own record label', "How to carve a career in the music', "The Art of DJing' and "How to promote your club night & construct your set list', with showcases and DJ demonstrations from the likes of Nick Warren, Rennie Pilgrem, John 00
Fleming and Dino Lenny.

The event also includes associated club nights at Turnmills, Ministry Of Sound and Canvas. For more information, check the website below.