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Last chance to catch Infusion in 2005 as American tour looms

Author: Tranzfusion
Thursday, October 20, 2005
On Friday 21st of October, Infusion conclude a 3 date tour of Australia (their last for 2005 before a packed schedule of gigs in both North and South America) with a gig in Melbourne at The Prince of Wales.

You want more- Well added to the lineup are Poxymusic (live), Gavin Keitel, Keltec and Dan Mangan.

So what have Infusion been up to lately-

Reewind! December 2003:
While Infusion first encountered success and built a reputation in the Sydney dance music scene, it has only been in the last year that their fortunes have skyrocketed and much of this has to do with their move to Melbourne. "We found that when we did gigs in Melbourne we got on well with the producers and DJs and a few of our Sydney friends went overseas so we felt it was time for a change," explains Stevens. "A change of location is always good for inspiration as well. In Sydney it was quite difficult to find somewhere that we felt our music was appropriate. There weren't too many house clubs that would play our kind of stuff. The breaks scene was getting big then and it had been emerging for the year prior to that. Breaks is definitely more of a Sydney thing, particularly the kind of summer, party breaks that we don't really do. I've found that our music definitely gets played in a lot more places here and a lot more DJs relate to our music. So I feel like we're part of a cool little community where we all understand each other and have our own little nerd society," Steven remarks tongue in cheek.

Taken from Infusion interview written by Terry Goldfain and originally featured in Zebra magazine