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LUKE SOLOMON (Classic/Freaks/UK) TOUR - Ass Therapy for Bunny Girls At Last!

Author: TranZfusion
Thursday, June 30, 2005
His freaky highness Luke Solomon is set to tour Australian shores once again. Solomon is responsible for some of the quirkiest and cutting edge house music on offer. Having worked in the music industry for 10 years, he's probably most well known for setting up respected house music label, Classic Records, with Chicago maestro Derrick Carter, while more recently, defining his sound through the Music For Freaks label and moniker. Having released their third album The Man Who Lived Underground to critical acclaim in 2003, this will be Solomon's third visit to Australia in recent years to showcase his electro, house and acid explorations - dubbed "Ass Therapy For Bunny Girls" on an early Music For Freaks collaboration with Derrick Carter. You can see him in the luxurious Alumbra Bar on Saturday July 23. Stay tuned for full event info as tickets will be strictly limited for this intimate, one off experience with one of the legends of the dance music underground.