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Author: TranZfusion
Tuesday, February 8, 2005
Format: LP/CD
Cat no: OBR 028
Release date: 21st Feb 2005

Layla is a by-product of the seemingly endless talent flowing from the West Australian music scene. As a lyricist, poet and pen smith Layla does not ever mince words. Her effortless delivery and strong emphasis on subject matter have become a trademark of her sound.

Layla has been penning poetry from the time she could walk and her lyrics vividly reflect this love of rhyme. After numerous appearances on compilations and other albums, Layla is fast becoming one of the most sort-after female lyricists in the country. She is also part of Syllabolix, which is a super group of Hip-Hop artists involving the likes of Downsyde, DJ Fdel , Drapht, MattyB, Hunter and Clandestien.

On the stage is the only place you can witness this little lady take it to the people. Her hype and emotive delivery are best-heard front and centre where you can feel the pounding beats and thought-provoking lyrics. Show after show Layla's performance has shocked, amazed and simply impressed all who have been lucky enough to hear it.

In this male dominated music industry, and particularly the Aus Hip- Hop scene, Layla has set her self apart from the fluffy girly dribble that seems to litter the airwaves. Australian Hip-Hop as a music genre has only gathered momentum nationally in the last few years. Layla is one of the future torch carriers, and stands at the forefront of an exciting new music form from down under.