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Jonathan Lisle needs YOU!

Author: Terry Goldfain
Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Following on from his 'Bedrock OS02' compilation earlier this year, Jonathan Lisle is set to mix a two disc compilation for the label Critical Rhythm, due for release early in 2006.

He's currently sourcing material for possible inclusion but you gotta be quick ands get it in to him before the end of the year. So whether your tune is breaks, progressive, electro or techno, just make sure it's quality and send it to:

Jonathan Lisle CD
MTheory Records
297 Haggerston Road
E8 4EN

Reewind! March 2005:
From all reports, Lisle the potential to be just as talented a producer as he is a DJ, yet his original material has not yet seen the light of day. "They're all kind of works in progress," admits Lisle. "Hopefully we'll get them done this year. One of them I'm doing with Bill Hamel and is a break-beat track that goes into drum 'n bass. It's wicked. I love it. I need to get back to the States and spend a few more days on it. I'm just putting the finishing touches on my 'Doors in the Wall' EP. So hopefully, by the end of August, it should be done with four or five tracks in totally different styles. My trouble is, I set my studio up in '97 but I've got about sixty or seventy tracks started. They're all there on my computer. Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist so if I don't think something is quite right I'll put it on the backburner to return to later and as a result I don't get anything finished because it has to be exactly right. My ambition is to put out a record like Papua New Guinea or Belfast one day. Timeless pieces of music. I don't want to just knock something out. It has to be really special."
Taken from Jonathan Lisle interview written by Terry Goldfain and originally featured in Zebra magazine