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Ibiza's Bora Bora Re-opens (May 27)

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, April 9, 2005
Balearic clubbing site Ibiza reported this week that famed Ibiza day time club Bora Bora is opening again this season, despite being apparently shut down for good last season over licensing irregularities.

The site said the clubbing institution has been licensed to play music both in its new indoor area as well as around the beach bar area, though added "Whether this will be as full-on as last year remains to be seen'.

Bora Bora's erstwhile resident DJ Gee, who bitterly attacked local authorities and the island's superclubs when the club was closed last September, was cynical about the relaunch, declaring on his website I don't want any of the Bora Bora faithful to be mislead in any way'.

"Where Bora Bora stands its possible that VERY LOW chill out music can be played during the day without a DJ. No more than this," he claimed. "The island is still the same with all the music being stopped at those venues as it was at the end of last summer and have not seen any evidence to say otherwise, in fact quite the opposite I'm sad to say."

Pacha brand director Danny Whittle was more optimistic, telling "Pete Tong already forwarded me an email saying it looks like Bora Bora have got over their own issues and will be opening this year," he said.

"I really hope this is true and that all the famous and cool venues in Ibiza get permission to keep operating legally," Danny added.